CNC Panel Saw Cutting Machine

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Model: GCP26/GCP32/GCP38


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CNC Panel Saw has excellent performance and wide applicability, and can be widely used in density board, particle board, medium fiber board, gypsum board, artificial stone, plexiglass, large core board, light guide board, aluminum board, aluminum-plastic board, circuit board, solid wood board Wait for precision cutting of plates.

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GCP26 - 1


Model GCP26 GCP32 GCP38
Sawing length 2600mm 3250mm 3850mm
Sawing thickness 85/100/120mm 85/100/120mm 85/100/120mm
Dia. Of main saw blade 355/400/460mm 355/400/460mm 355/400/460mm
Axis dia. of main saw blade 30/60mm 30/60mm 30/60mm
Rotate speed of main saw blade 3950/4500 rpm 3950/4500 rpm 3950/4500 rpm
Dia. of grooving saw blade 180mm 180mm 180mm
Axis Dia. of grooving saw blade 25.4/30mm 25.4/30mm 25.4/30mm
Rotate speed of grooving saw blade 6300 rpm 6300 rpm 6300 rpm
Saw carriage forward speed 0-120 m/min 0-120 m/min 0-120 m/min
Saw carriage back speed 60-120 m/min 60-120 m/min 60-120 m/min
Head saw motor 7.5/11 kw 7.5/11 kw 7.5/11 kw
Grooving saw motor 1.5kw 1.5kw 1.5kw
Saw carriage drive motor 2.2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw
Automatic feeding motor 1.2kw 2kw 2kw
Pusher motor 2kw 2kw 2kw
High pressure blower motor 2.2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw
Total power 17/21kw 21/27kw 21/27kw
Automatic feeding speed 0-120 m/min 0-120 m/min 0-120 m/min
Operation pressure 5-7kg/cm 5-7kg/cm 5-7kg/cm
Workbench height 950mm 950mm 950mm
Net weight 5000kg 6000kg 7000kg
Dimensions (L*W*H) 5500*5600*1700mm 6100*6200*1700mm 6700*6800*1700mm

The CNC Panel Saw is an automatic equipment, automatic positioning and automatic feeding device, which can cut plates in batches and improve production efficiency and quality. It is a man-machine integrated operation. Workers enter the size data required for cutting on the touch screen, start the machine, and the machine runs automatically, which can accurately cut the board, effectively ensure that the sawing end of the board is intact, improve work efficiency, and is easy to maintain. This is a good equipment for replacing sliding table saws and reciprocating saws.

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